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happy birthday Sunny
This is for the gorgeous Sunny, chleansmile, this isn't your present, this is sorry my muse sucks and isn't being cooperative. Your present will done, just not today!! I hope you had a great day!! And you should thank lynzie914 for it was her prompt that got my muse very inspired to do this!!

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THANK YOU! I love all these promises of more presents to come! And it's quite the trend this year. The present my siblings got for me together hasn't arrived yet either and my parents gave me a gift certificate so I can go buy Captain America 2 when it comes out on DVD later this week and my grandma sent my birthday letter so it would arrive a day late and not a day early.

I told you I needed more time!!! My Chlean muse is being a brat!!!

Well I hope you had a great day with lots of cake!!

I know, but hope for the best prepare for the worst is my motto. :P That's the Chlean muse for ya.

And yes, lots of cake. Even got to eat some leftovers today. :)

LOL!! Ain't that the truth!! well that's all of my muses at one point or another.

Yum!! I had a bit of cake yesterday for my brother's birthday!!

LOL. I'm not an SPN person (yet? I sometimes think about getting into it), but I'm guessing Dean and Chloe got fed up with their work and decided to run off and make an album together. :)

NGL the only reason I got into SPN was because of Chlean. But if you do dip your toes into the world there are plenty of episodes to keep you entertained for a long while.

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