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chlark Moon
Every once in awhile I keep wanting to post all the art I've done but I end up posting one or two and I never seem to finish. I was going to start posting the older stuff first but then legendarytobes posted a 5 things fic for Cain and Abel that I just had to post this first.

chlark moon icon 1 photo icon1.jpgchlark moon icon 2 photo icon2.jpg
chlark moon icon 3 photo icon3.jpgchlark moon icon 4 photo icon4.jpg
chlark moon icon 5 photo icon5.jpgchlark moon icon 6 photo icon6.jpg

 photo cmoon.jpg

chlark end photo theend.jpg

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Rocio it's super awesome.

Coughs do you want to secret chlark.

Also, I love you posted this from your old work or whatever when you got the Cain and Abel. Go me!

:-D Thank you!!

LOL!! NGL I have been thinking about doing it.

*chuckles* the entire month I kept saying I need to start posting, I need to start posting and today I finally had time and on top of that you posted 5 things for CaA that I just had to post this.

I love doing it. I can't wait to get Return to Me, Uncertain and Smelt done. I really want to get to October and give a fair shot to CaA so I can get through my version of s6 and s7. Obviously s8 is gonna be so very, very complicated and take longer after breaks for other stuff.

I forgot how much I love both Chlavis and the Clark-Davis bros dynamic.

You really do need to play. It'll be fun and even as little as four icons and you're done :)

I'll write you more chlavis as a bribe :P Or Chlex.

Ohhh I can't wait!!

How can you not love the Clark/Davis dynamic. It's very interesting to see Clark have someone else go through the I'm an alien with and big bonus Clark isn't an epic douche. And most of all how can you not love Chlavis??


Ohh you tease!!!!!!

Many people don't but it's such a fun verse cause Clark is smart and the brothers really truly do love each other and would die for each other. It's what makes their biology so tragic :(

Well they're idiots that don't know what they are missing.
I just love seeing a Clark that has Davis and is far away from the reaches of the ever hypocritical Jonathan.

I never ever liked Jonathan. Making him a villain was fun.

Never have, never will like SV Jonathan!!

Also the banner at the bottom with the quote is great and I've saved it :) It's my desk top

Oh, I love these! The banner with the quote is just perfect! Great work!

Thank you so much!!

I don't read/know much about the comics, but these are super pretty! And I love the combination of scenes from the show and the comic in the banner.

Awesome job!

To be honest I only read the Chlollie parts.
But I saw this and I just had to do it!!

Thank you!!

Should I alert the presses? You made something Chlarky!!!!

But I've made other Chlarky stuff!! :P

Well then, I guess we should alert the media as well. ;)

First of eeekk!!! Love your icon!!!! Chloe and Steve!!! *sighs*

Second: lol!!! Thinking back I think I've done more stuff for chlark than for chlavis!! *shrugs* I don't how but yeah I've definitely done more chlark stuff!

well, I think I still have more Chlark fanart than for any other couple. I would have to check but I don't think Chlean has managed to surpass them yet, only strictly fanart speaking of course. Though in my case I at least have the explanation that I used to ship them and that they are what actually got me into fanart making, and back when I was still figuring this whole fanart making stuff out I obviously made a lot more, though also less awesome. ;) Chlark was my main training ground so to speak. Just like Chlean is my main training ground for fanfics and fanvids.

And I thought you might like the usage of that icon. :)

Oh yeah you use to be a Chlarker. Well you have that excuse, I don't. At least I have more Chlex and Chlollie stuff. Now I just need to make more Chlavis stuff. *while my muses whispers Ha Ha*
still figuring this whole fanart making stuff out
Oh gawd that brings the memories!! I started the fanart making stuff with Sailor Moon and Roswell. And oh GAWD!! Not only is it less awesome but so BADDDDDD!!

Yes, yes loving the usage of pretty icons!!

The problem with Chlark is also that they still provide the pretty even if I don't ship it anymore. And pretty is a very compelling argument when making fanart. Plus, of course they did have a few nice moments over the course of ten seasons. Chlavis as hot as they are just don't provide quite as much material as any of the other pairings. The curse of being a one-season only thing.

Well, I didn't wanna say bad but yeah, definitely.

OMG!! Yes chlark did provide the pretty!! My fave will forever be the Vessel kiss.
Ohh that horrible curse but I'd rather have one season than nothing at all!!!

LOL!! Maybe your's were bad but mine were BADDDDDDDDDDDD

Pretty makes up for a lot when trying to make something well, pretty. :) The Vessel kiss is very pretty, but also very dark and a very ungrateful scene to try to color-edit. My fave Chlark visual will probably always be Chloe picking Clark up for the Spring Formal in Tempest. <3
True, one is better than nothing and as far as smoochies go they still got more out of that one season than Chlex out of 7. :/

We could always start a compare-off (instead of a stand off). Haha. Though I'm not sure our artistic sensitive eyes would survive it.

Very true!! When there's caps and stills it's easier to make more pretty stuff. It is very dark but that image is all sorts of awesome. If I didn't ship anything else I would shipped it like FedEx for that image alone.
Oh such happy times. Big grinning smiles, what's not to love!!

*bawls* We could of had it all!!!
NOt one single kiss!!! WTF is up with that?? *continues bawling*

I don't think we could survive a compare-off. We'd either go blind or we'd die of sheer embarrassment from someone seeing the badness!!!

Well, you can just ship that scene. Scene-shipping is a thing I tell you. And yes, more caps and stills more pretty and much easier to do pretty. :) The thing is the darkness is kinda part of the awesome because it makes it more intimate but for coloring it's just aweful, almost as bad as trying to recolor the OriginalFuture! from Pandora when using for manips with that red tinge over everything.
Exactly, apart from Vessel of course and some other season 5 and 6 stuff, season 1 was my favorite Chlark season, okay season 1 is my favorite period. :)

Yeah, considering pretty much everybody else kissed, it will for ever be a WTF issue. And since one of the ideas one of the writers had for I think season 7 for Chlex, similar to what we got with Kara and Lex with the memory loss, they could have had Lex and Chloe be an evil + kinky power couple in the Apocalypse AU. Stupid uninspired writers.

Haha, probably, but we could always set them to private or create a group for it and set it so only that group can see it. What could also be fun, is to take the idea of an old wallpaper/manip/fanart and redo it with our current skills.

LOL!!! Well good to know!! Another scene shipping of mine, is when Clark tells Chloe he will never outgrow their friendship and he will only outgrow her vertically.
Fuck all screen caps that have the red tinge!!!! Fuck them to the high heaves!!! With dark caps you can lighten them or vice versa but the ones with the red tinge NOTHING helps. You can't lighten nor darken it nor add a different layer color to change it. Fuck 'em!!!!

The way I see it, the reason they kept Chlex apart was because their chemistry would of blown all other ships out of the water. But then again Allison had mad chemistry with everyone she was on screen with. Ughhh one of my biggest pet peeves when it came to Chloe they always had spoilers about a storyline and when the time came they gave the storyline to someone else.

I would love to redo some old arts especially my Roswell Michael and Maria stuff but I lost all my caps, stills, and images. And the thought of looking for them all over again *sigh* But that would be fun!!

I love that scene from Metamorphosis. See that's also a season 1 scene. Season 1 was the best. <3
Exactly! The only thing that kinda works is if I add a grayscale layer and make it transparent + a lot of adding and subtracting colors obviously. Though with my computer dying I don't have access to my usual picture editing programm, so I'm currently trying to get acquainted with another one. Ugh. I have to do similar color editing with the vessel stills because they're quite bluish, though obviously not quite as bad as the red hue.

Lol, yep, it's probably also why they decided to get rid of Davis as soon as possible, I mean those two could set a room on fire with just the way they were looking at each other. <3 Yup, Allison definitely did, she also had chemistry with rooms/locations like no other, especially her spaces, the way she always just owned them. Like a distant cousin of Jensen and the Impala.
Well, I only watched Smallville kinda live during season 8, the second half of season 9 and Allison's season 10 episodes except for Lazarus. And I didn't really keep track of spoilers even then. So, I wouldn't know how often that happened.

Hah, same here, I used to have SO MANY PICTURES! And then lost them because computers... It would definitely be fun, though I think I'll install the editing programm I usually use on another or two computers, having to get used to another one is just too damn frustrating.

See I didn't know what season it was I just remembered the scene!!!
One scene that I do know is from season 1, mostly because it's in the pilot is Chloe and Pete betting on what stupid things Clark would do. And then Clark trips in front of Lana and Chloe says: that Clark can't get near lana without turning into a spaz.
Yeah that's what I had to do with a pic of Lex so I could use it in the banner. But that's after I tried everything I could think of to get rid of that stupid red tinge!!! GRRRRR
Like the red tinge isn't of enough hassle learning to do it in a different program I would of just said fuck it and left it in the back burner!!! But I'm lazy and a super procrastinator!!!

Well that and I think Sam wasn't too happy with how they destroyed Davis' character that he opted out. Cuz if I remember correctly there was plans for Sam to be Zod as well.
Just loved Allison when she was on screen!! but then again she I might be biased since she was the reason I started watching the show!! Ohh Jensen and the Impala!!! Now that's true love!!!
Well during the summer before s6 there was spoiler/rumor that they were going to hook up Oliver and Chloe and then come s6 and it's Lollie and Chimmy, but then again I don't think my heart could of taken the writers doing to Chlollie what they did to Chimmy!! And then there was the loss of memory for Chlex in s7 which then they switched to Kara.

I might cry just thinking about all the pictures I had for lovely Candy couple!! I had caps of the WB commercials, and those awesome Roswell commercials, like the one from my icon, magazine scans that I myself did. And at that time my scanner was so slow it would take an hour to scan one image, the resolution was amazing but yeah an HOUR!!!! Now I think I will cry!!!

I'm still catching up on the flist after my comp-less month, butI had pop in and tell you how gorgeous this is! I saw it on Tobes' lj and wondered where she got the pretty!

Thank you so much!!

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