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Have sent my submission for secret_chlark!!!

Please don't extend again!! I will second guess everything and make something new. And it will give more stomach aches!!!

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lol now they need to post everything I'm dying from anticipation

Part of me wants it posted to see all pretty things but the other just to know that I'm truly done.

Lol - I agree! I've purposely not looked at my submission again because of probably find myself redoing it again!

Ngl, still side-eyeing my submission going maybe add this and remove that.
I had to shut down my computer to stop myself from trying to edit it even more.

Is the Hermione hair supposed to represent how frazzled this project made you :)

Hehe. I can't believe I missed this whole thing. No one reminded me. I'm buried in everyday life stuff that I barely can keep up will all the social media platforms. But I do get notifications, so people need to message or tag me. Looking forward to see all the submissions. Aww how I miss Chlark and Smallville.

Yessssssss!!! There were so many times that I was screaming, well in my head, "I hate this", "this is trash", "you suck" and of course there were a lot of sighs and "grrrr why cant you be like how I picture you in my head!!!"
Super frazzled so happy it's over and now just waiting for the chlark pretties to be posted.

Well next time I will make sure to send you a message on LJ, twitter, tumblr, and your email so you can come and play!!!

In no way do you ever suck, sister. :hugs: hope you're having a fab day. Sending blessings for the weekend to come. May you find chill and fun

Have a great weekend!!

They might still needed pinch hitters. Or you can join the free for all on the prompts once everything is posted.

Like Rocio I work better with a bit of pressure/stress. I'll be checking in for sure once it's all up though. Love Chlark!!! Maybe something will inspire me. I'll wait and see

I needed that extension so bad this year because my summer has been insane, but I know the feeling! Sometimes having more time is the worst, making you overthink every damned thing you had just finally put in ink.

bloody writer's block

Well that first extension was a godsend because I was done but I wasn't very happy with it so I was very happy I could edit some more til I was more pleased with it. But that second extension just crushed that bit of confidence I had. My brain went from ohh this good lets turn it in can't wait for so and so to see it they are going to get a kick out of it to fuck I hate it, this sucks I can't believe you where going to turn that in. I was freaking out so bad that I had to have someone else look at it make some editing suggestions and walk me off the freaking ledge!!! Mostly I think it's because this is the first project I have worked on since my dad passed that it's weird trying to get my head to focus and not feel guilty for doing something fun.

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