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all in my imagination

[sticky post]master fanart post
Finally was able to finish one of these and it only took me months. XD I do try update it every time I post something new. Let me know if it needs changes!!

Chloe/AMCollapse )
ChlexCollapse )
ChlartCollapse )
ChlollieCollapse )
ChlavisCollapse )
Chloe/CarterCollapse )
ChlessCollapse )
ChlarkCollapse )
ChlaraCollapse )
Multiple/Crossover PairingsCollapse )
Smallville meets DCAUCollapse )
Fics that InspireCollapse )
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young hereos
Just wanted to make a list of where I get some of the images, textures, brushes and tutorials I use for icons, wallpapers and banners. Will probably add more as time goes on.

Really need to go through these.

click for linksCollapse )


Have sent my submission for secret_chlark!!!

Please don't extend again!! I will second guess everything and make something new. And it will give more stomach aches!!!

chlavis icons
So I keep procrastinating about posting my old arts and then something happens and I just got post. So here phillydragonldy more Chlavis icons for you to use.

chlavis lights icon 1 photo chlavisicon1.jpgchlavis lights icon 2 photo chlavisicon2.jpgchlavis lights icon 3 photo chlavisicon3.jpg
chlavis lights icon 4 photo chlavisicon4.jpgchlavis lights icon 5 photo chlavisicon5.jpg

chlavis lips icon 1 photo lips1a.jpgchlavis lips icon 2 photo lips2a.jpgchlavis lips icon 3 photo lips3a.jpgchlavis lips icon 4 photo lips4a.jpg
chlavis lips icon 5 photo lips5a.jpgchlavis lips icon 6 photo lips6a.jpgchlavis lips icon 7 photo lips7a.jpgchlavis lips icon 8 photo lips8a.jpg

chlark Moon
Every once in awhile I keep wanting to post all the art I've done but I end up posting one or two and I never seem to finish. I was going to start posting the older stuff first but then legendarytobes posted a 5 things fic for Cain and Abel that I just had to post this first.

chlark moon icon 1 photo icon1.jpgchlark moon icon 2 photo icon2.jpg
chlark moon icon 3 photo icon3.jpgchlark moon icon 4 photo icon4.jpg
chlark moon icon 5 photo icon5.jpgchlark moon icon 6 photo icon6.jpg

 photo cmoon.jpg

chlark end photo theend.jpg

happy birthday Sunny
This is for the gorgeous Sunny, chleansmile, this isn't your present, this is sorry my muse sucks and isn't being cooperative. Your present will done, just not today!! I hope you had a great day!! And you should thank lynzie914 for it was her prompt that got my muse very inspired to do this!!

lp_chlean musician 1 photo chleanmusician1.jpg

 photo chleanmusician2.jpg

Fics that inspired my muse 22
My Chlavis muse is back all thanks to phillydragonldy and her amazing story Something Between Us.

btwus chlavis 01 photo btwus1.jpg

more ChlavisCollapse )

And yes I'm a lit obsessed with that song!

Lynzie prompts
So the lovely lynzie914 had these prompts
PromptsCollapse )

I thought it'd be awesome to get a fic for this banner that I had done.
chlean monster movie 2 photo monster-movie2.jpg

Then I thought why not make banners for all the prompts I wanted and these are the results:

Police Procedural AU Chlollie
LP chlollie police photo chlolliepolice.jpg

Lawyers AU Chlex (I blame lynzie914 chlex icon for this one)
LP chlex lawyers photo chlexlawyers.jpg

Fairytale/Medieval AU Steroline
LP steroline medieval/fairytale photo sterolinefairytalemedieval.jpg

Forget high school students AU I want a high school teachers AU Caroline/Elena/Bonnie friendship
LP ceb high school teachers photo cebhighschoolteachers.jpg

Royalty AU Chlollie
LP chlollie royalty photo chlollieroyalty.jpg

Forced to share a table at the coffee shop a couple days in a row because crowded coffee shop and no room AU Caroline/Chloe
 photo cccoffeeshop.jpg

Thieves AU Kensi/Deeks
LP kensi/deeks thieves photo kdthieves.jpg

College professors AU Olicity
LP olicity college professors photo olicitycollege.jpg

It's crazy not only did I take one week to make these but I did ships I hadn't done before. So thank you lynzie914 for giving my muse a kick in the butt.

chloe and steve for Sunny
I was supposed to post this at Christmas as a present for chleansmile and well I tend to be very lazy.
So happy belated, very belated Christmas present. Hope you like!!! I am working on a Chloe/Tess to make up for the lateness but we'll see how long that takes!! XP In the mean time there's this Lex/Chloe/Tess.

chloe and steve 2 photo risa.jpg
chloe and steve 1 photo melancholy.jpg
chloe and steve 3 photo smiles.jpg

fics that inspired my muse 21
Read this and I couldn't help myself and I made something that very night, it usually takes me awhile for the idea to fruition. So thank you fickery for the wonderful inspiration.

Our Own Way of Doing Things
by fickery
Characters/Pairing: Chloe/Oliver, background Lois/Clark, Martha Kent
Category: one-shot, missing scene for Finale, fluffy married smut
Rating: R
Summary: Frustrated that he’s barely had any time alone with his wife lately, Ollie takes matters into his own hands as they prepare for Lois & Clark’s wedding
Spoilers: through Finale

our own way 1 photo oowodt2.jpg
our own way 2 photo oowodt3.jpgour own way 3 photo oowodta.jpg

Why is tagging on photobucket so ridiculous??!! It used to be so easy. Bleh. I wish I could tag as easy as I do here. Oh well.