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fics that inspired my muse 21
Read this and I couldn't help myself and I made something that very night, it usually takes me awhile for the idea to fruition. So thank you fickery for the wonderful inspiration.

Our Own Way of Doing Things
by fickery
Characters/Pairing: Chloe/Oliver, background Lois/Clark, Martha Kent
Category: one-shot, missing scene for Finale, fluffy married smut
Rating: R
Summary: Frustrated that he’s barely had any time alone with his wife lately, Ollie takes matters into his own hands as they prepare for Lois & Clark’s wedding
Spoilers: through Finale

our own way 1 photo oowodt2.jpg
our own way 2 photo oowodt3.jpgour own way 3 photo oowodta.jpg

Why is tagging on photobucket so ridiculous??!! It used to be so easy. Bleh. I wish I could tag as easy as I do here. Oh well.

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Thanks again for the banner! Just posted my favorite version. :)

your welcome!! XD

thanks for the inspiration

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