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chloe and steve for Sunny
I was supposed to post this at Christmas as a present for chleansmile and well I tend to be very lazy.
So happy belated, very belated Christmas present. Hope you like!!! I am working on a Chloe/Tess to make up for the lateness but we'll see how long that takes!! XP In the mean time there's this Lex/Chloe/Tess.

chloe and steve 2 photo risa.jpg
chloe and steve 1 photo melancholy.jpg
chloe and steve 3 photo smiles.jpg

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Aw, thank you, about time you made something for them yourself. :P

And obviously, they look great together. <3

I was going to say "I have made something for them" but then I realized they're Chloe/Johnny and not Chloe/Steve.
I also have a cary/kate in the works but that's been in the works about a year probably more.


Well, Chloe/Johnny are great too. :D (Though we would probably ship her with every superhero Chris plays. ;))

Do you have any Cary episode stills? Then maybe I could make some Cary/Kate too, because I do have the Kate stills.

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