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Fics that inspired my muse 22
My Chlavis muse is back all thanks to phillydragonldy and her amazing story Something Between Us.

btwus chlavis 01 photo btwus1.jpg

btwus chlavis 02 photo btwus2.jpgbtwus chlavis 03 photo btwus3.jpgbtwus chlavis 04 photo btwus4.jpg
btwus chlavis 05 photo btwus5.jpgbtwus chlavis 06 photo btwus6.jpgbtwus chlavis 07 photo btwus7.jpg
btwus chlavis 08 photo btwus8.jpgbtwus chlavis 09 photo btwus9.jpgbtwus chlavis 10 photo btwus10.jpg
btwus chlavis 11 photo btwus11.jpgbtwus chlavis 12 photo btwus12.jpg photo btwus13.jpg

And yes I'm a lit obsessed with that song!

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Awww thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you like my story so much! New chapter should be out tomorrow. Viva la Chlavis!

You very welcome!! And thanks for your wonderful story and reminding me why I love Chlavis so much!! Viva la Chlavis!!!

I just pulled this on my computer (instead of my tablet) and now I can see the pretties so much better! So awesome! Great work!

Thank you so much!!! And once again thanks for the inspiration!!

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