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chlark Moon
Every once in awhile I keep wanting to post all the art I've done but I end up posting one or two and I never seem to finish. I was going to start posting the older stuff first but then legendarytobes posted a 5 things fic for Cain and Abel that I just had to post this first.

chlark moon icon 1 photo icon1.jpgchlark moon icon 2 photo icon2.jpg
chlark moon icon 3 photo icon3.jpgchlark moon icon 4 photo icon4.jpg
chlark moon icon 5 photo icon5.jpgchlark moon icon 6 photo icon6.jpg

 photo cmoon.jpg

chlark end photo theend.jpg

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Rocio it's super awesome.

Coughs do you want to secret chlark.

Also, I love you posted this from your old work or whatever when you got the Cain and Abel. Go me!

:-D Thank you!!

LOL!! NGL I have been thinking about doing it.

*chuckles* the entire month I kept saying I need to start posting, I need to start posting and today I finally had time and on top of that you posted 5 things for CaA that I just had to post this.

I love doing it. I can't wait to get Return to Me, Uncertain and Smelt done. I really want to get to October and give a fair shot to CaA so I can get through my version of s6 and s7. Obviously s8 is gonna be so very, very complicated and take longer after breaks for other stuff.

I forgot how much I love both Chlavis and the Clark-Davis bros dynamic.

You really do need to play. It'll be fun and even as little as four icons and you're done :)

I'll write you more chlavis as a bribe :P Or Chlex.

Also the banner at the bottom with the quote is great and I've saved it :) It's my desk top

Oh, I love these! The banner with the quote is just perfect! Great work!

Thank you so much!!

I don't read/know much about the comics, but these are super pretty! And I love the combination of scenes from the show and the comic in the banner.

Awesome job!

To be honest I only read the Chlollie parts.
But I saw this and I just had to do it!!

Thank you!!

Should I alert the presses? You made something Chlarky!!!!

But I've made other Chlarky stuff!! :P

Well then, I guess we should alert the media as well. ;)

I'm still catching up on the flist after my comp-less month, butI had pop in and tell you how gorgeous this is! I saw it on Tobes' lj and wondered where she got the pretty!

Thank you so much!!

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