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chlavis icons
So I keep procrastinating about posting my old arts and then something happens and I just got post. So here phillydragonldy more Chlavis icons for you to use.

chlavis lights icon 1 photo chlavisicon1.jpgchlavis lights icon 2 photo chlavisicon2.jpgchlavis lights icon 3 photo chlavisicon3.jpg
chlavis lights icon 4 photo chlavisicon4.jpgchlavis lights icon 5 photo chlavisicon5.jpg

chlavis lips icon 1 photo lips1a.jpgchlavis lips icon 2 photo lips2a.jpgchlavis lips icon 3 photo lips3a.jpgchlavis lips icon 4 photo lips4a.jpg
chlavis lips icon 5 photo lips5a.jpgchlavis lips icon 6 photo lips6a.jpgchlavis lips icon 7 photo lips7a.jpgchlavis lips icon 8 photo lips8a.jpg

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Chloe and Davis really were passionate together--even if they were doomed from the beginning :) Lovely work on the icons :)

Ohh Davis brought the smolder and the I'm fucking you eyes!!! There's a reason the lightbulb scene is my have Chlavis scene!! And together they are just UNFFFF!!!!
Thank you so much!!!

These are gorgous!

I especially love what you did with the last row (and how it goes from super close to pulled away, though that's probably not on purpose, LOL). Soooo pretty and perfect and I just love the purple texture you used.

Thank you!!

Well it kinda was on purpose cause that's the order of how I made them. :D
The textures are by deny1984 on midnight_road

So pretty!!! I've sooo wanted a sexytime Chlavis icon! Between you and chleansmile I'm going to have the HOTTEST ICONS EVER!!

Thank you!! Well Chlavis just lend themselves to sexy times!! And this reminds me I haven't iconed the scene from Beast!!! Adding that to my to do list!!!

These are lovely! Damn him and that sexy chin dimple!

Damn him and his sexy chin dimple, and his smoldering gaze and his sexy abs!!!

i love the last three icons. it makes me want to write a Chlavis!

Ohhhh yassssss!!! Write it!!!!! You know you want to!!!

Thanks!!! There's no bigger compliment than that!!!!

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