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[sticky post]master fanart post
Finally was able to finish one of these and it only took me months. XD I do try update it every time I post something new. Let me know if it needs changes!!

Chloe/Allison Mack

PowerGirl, Deena Pilgrim, When all else fails..., At the Daily Planet, Wonder Woman, ¿Dondé esta Elisa?, Stars, Icons: AM/Marilyn/Alice/Quincey, Icons: legendary/eyes/green/golden,


Follow Me, Chlexart smiles, Chloe love, Undercover Warrior and The Last Ace, At Some Disputed Barricade, Esther Gift, Cruel Intentions, Trick or Treat Meme: Esther, Golden, Wedding, Island Fun, The Depths We Sink To, ToT icons, Scorned, Nobody's Pawn, Wanted, LP Lawyers AU,


Flirty Smiles, Chlexart smiles, love, Black Orchid, First Date and First Kiss


Green Heart, Black Orchid, At Some Disputed Barricade, An Unlikely Liaison, Trick or Treat Meme: Simply Steffv, Island Fun, Whisper, Worth the Jealousy, ToT icons, Our Own Way of Doing Things, LP Police Procedural AU, LP Royalty,


Legend of the Fallen, Forget Me Not, Eiffel Tower for Zizi, Something Between Us, Lights and Lips icons,


Sex, Seduction and Sacrifice, The Hawkman Comes Again, Getting Tail, I'm Not Her,


Cruel Intentions,


What is Love, Trick or Treat Meme: Toby, Black & White, Smelt, In the City, ToT icons, Moon,


purple geometry,

Multiple/Crossover pairings

Chloe love: thursdays/fridays nights ad banner, SV Men, The Awesome & the Pretty, Crossover Men and The Ladies, Island Fun,

Chloe and Dean Winchester: For Sunny and TF, Monster Movie, Musician,

Chloe and Jonny Storm: On Fire, Flirting,

Chloe and Hal Jordan: Worth the Jealousy,

LnC: AU Chlark,

The Vampire Diaries: CC Coffee Shop,

Torchwood: Chloe and the Captains,

Smallville meets DCAU

Part One, Part Two,

Fics That Inspire

Undercover Warrior and The Last Ace, At Some Disputed Barricade, An Unlikely Liaison, Sex, Seduction and Sacrifice, Legend of the Fallen, Cruel Intentions, Tess RHWLB, Chlollie: Sexy Times, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) & Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Up and Coming, When All Else Fails..., Instincts, Forget Me Not, First Date and First Kiss, Cain and Abel, Arrival, I'm Not Her, The Hawkman Comes Again, Scorned, Nobody's Pawn, Our Own Way of Doing Things, Something Between Us,


Black Orchid, Esther Gift, Trick or Treat: simply steffv, Trick or Treat: esther, Trick or Treat: toby, Worth the Jealousy, The Depths We Sink To, Smelt, ToT icons, Wanted,

Natalia & Facundo

Muñeca Brava & Sos Mi Vida Icons, Esther Gift,


Camelot: Morgan, Charmed: Paige & Piper icons, Doctor Who: Rose & Sally icons, Merlin: Queen Morgana, Roswell: Candy love, Sailor Moon: icons, SYTYCD: Season 4, W.I.T.C.H.: Willow icons, Arrow: LP College Professors Olicity, NCIS LA: LPKensi/Deeks thieves,

Legend of the Seeker: Cara icons, Kahlan icons,

The Vampire Diaries: LP Steroline Fairytale/Medieval, LP CEB High School Teachers,


Couple/Sexy icons, So much Charisma, Christian Bale, Los Amigos Invisibles, See/Hear/Talk No Evil Fairies, Tessa & Scott: Esther Gift, Zanessa:, Drew and Belinda, Armor,


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